Consulting Services

CEC Global is specialized in driving change and managing organization transformations through mindset shifting in order to ultimately materialize impact. Our consulting services are based on operational model across different streams including Management Consulting, Business Process Management, Investor Readiness, and Innovation Management with tailored approaches addressing C-Level and middle management to best fit the organizational maturity level.

Business Consulting

Startup Phase : Establishing the basic foundation of core and support functions aligned with best practices to kick start the client operations in short time frame.

Development Phase : Maximizing the performance of functional areas of the business, either as standalone functions or through integrated development programs addressing multiple disciplines simultaneously.

Investors Readiness Phase : Enabling the organization to grow its financial capital through developing the financial and business planning activities and additionally enhancing reporting and management visibility that can provide the foundation for corporate governance.

Merger & Acquisition Phase : Managing the transformation from planning phase through implementation while addressing cultural, organizational and legal issues. Enabling leaders’ change to realize the benefits of the transformation efficiently and effectively while focusing on the integration of people, process, systems and tools.

Management Consulting & Strategy

Strategy Definition : We work collaboratively with management teams of our clients to develop clear strategic directions through deep understanding and analysis of their industry, market dynamics and internal capabilities.

Strategy Cascading : We translate strategies into actionable priorities in order to drive real change through involvement of multiple tiers within the organization.

Management Reporting : We enable management to monitor their executions through effective reporting and sustainable corporate performance management mechanisms.

HR Consulting

Competency Framework : Defines the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for employees within an organization. Each employee has his/her own set of competencies needed to perform the job effectively.

Assessment Centre : Is a process where candidates are assessed to determine teir competency level against an agreed upon competency matrix.

Individual Development Plan : is a customized training plan per employee to develop his competencies to requested level set by the organization.

Development Centre : Is a process which employees undergo a variety of activities to elevate their competency level to the minimum accepted as per their job profile.

Ownership Handover : Is the process of selecting talents/change agents who will become project owners and ensure its continuity.

Performance Management
Operational Excellence

Business Process Management : Our experts assess operational efficiency using operational excellence frameworks and guidelines. We are specialized in project/service based operations.

Business Process Automation : We collaborate with technology partners to map/reengineer processes for automation while ensuring integrated planning for transition