Learning Solutions

We combine our learning design skills with real-time expertise in Sales, Customer Service, Soft Skills, Leadership Development, Product Training and much more. This combination makes our learning solution extremely relevant and customised to your training needs, thus enabling us to be comprehensive in addressing your unique training requirements. Our custom learning solutions help you equip your people with the right knowledge and skills, very effectively, to realize your organization's goals.


With over 50 years of multi-location and multi-industry experience, our team of experts knows the importance of training & development in every organization. Having said that, we also know the real-time challenges organizations face in their endeavour to develop their employees. Our Learning Solutions are pragmatic and have a very realistic approach towards addressing your organization's training requirements. With an arsenal of multiple training mediums - we ensure that training programs are executed with the ROI in mind - while providing solutions that:

  • Save Training Costs
  • Improve Training Penetration Multi-fold
  • Standardize Training Curriculum
  • Monitor Learning Progress & Application
  • Streamline & Standardize Training Reports
  • Manage Scale with ease
  • Best-in-class Training Curriculum

Given the current industry trends, sometimes it is imperative to have a blended learning approach to address change and also to acclimatize clients and delegates to the environment of eLearning; at the same time providing a personal approach to the learning delivery and thus the outcomes. Blended learning solutions are the answer to many such niche clients whose business type demands the blended approach.

Instructor Led Training Solutions

With a panel of international, multi-lingual and industry expert consultants CEC Global provides best-in-class offerings in the space of instructor led training solutions to all our clients – and the training programs are customised to the needs of the clients on a real time basis to make the training programs relevant, enriching and exiting.

Training Projects

We adopt a consultative approach and help organizations in identifying training needs, creating learning paths & training strategies and not only execute training programs - but also work with your organization over a period to evaluate and ensure learning outcomes translate into the returns that training programs mandate. From helping organizations in increasing sales figures to increasing customer satisfaction levels - we work with you as an augmentation of your training department while bringing in world-class training consulting & execution.

Content Development

Our content development resources are experts and certified on instructional design methodologies. We develop training content through the eyes of scientists and are adept in ensuring that all our training programs and their delivery methodology help learners retain knowledge and application - keeping in mind all learner types and all training mediums/platforms.