IT Solutions

Many companies claim to run their shared services as a business, few truly have the right processes and tools to manage internal customers effectively. The key is to implement market-like mechanisms giving customers the service they would expect from an outside supplier.

» Process Excellence
We benchmark the IT service management against best practices using ITIL framework and we work collaboratively with key stakeholders on bridging service delivery gaps.

» IT Commercialization
Developing mechanisms to evaluate service value, cross-charging policies and SLAs aiming at enhancing customer satisfaction as well as justify IT investments.

» IT Change Management
Developing a change management process and forming the change advisory board to assess the change, monitor execution and sustain the improvement efforts.

Our improvement lifecycle starts from the very beginning, from defining the service catalogue all through developing the mechanism for marketing the IT services across the organization and driving the change along with performance management using business oriented frameworks.

Operational excellence starts with identifying the right objectives and outcomes of applying changes. Our approach focuses on applying incremental effective and efficient steps towards the stated objectives using proper management of available resources as well as potential risks.

Cloud Telephony Solutions

Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization using them, and they are accessed over the Internet.

Software Development

Mobile, Web development , Cloud & Local Hosting Solutions.

IT Managed Services/h5>

Enterprise Applications, Next Gen Services, Custom Applications, ERP, HRIS/HRMS Applications, Testing & Q/A.

Document Management Solutions
Global Bulk SMS Solutions